The Best Nightlife in Quito (Bars, Pubs and Clubs)


A good bar with mostly expats and tourists and some prostitutes. A little bit of everything… I don’t really like it…

La Bodeguita de Cuba

Reina Victoria

Excellent and fun bar with live Cuban music.

If you arrive after 21, you will be charge 5$.


Owned by two american guys, it is quite lively especially during weekends... good selection of beers… Its at the corner of Calama and Diego del Amargo


One of the most expensive and classy bar in Quito. Be sure to dress well before coming and to bring some money. Amazing looking girls there!



Another good Cuban bar with live music. It’s a little expensive and you will have to pay $5 to get in but it’s really worth it. Loads of beautiful ecuadorian woman and sexy Cubans.

Finn McCools


It's the best Irish pub in town, with the patrons being mostly expatriates or travellers. It's a bit pricey compared to other places in Quito.


Next to No Bar

It’s a small place but it can be of great fun since the drinks are really cheap. One of my best memories in Quito so far.

Ghoz bar

La Mariscal

If you miss the pubs back home, you will probably enjoy this one that gives you a chance to enjoy great food, beer, and bar games..



It’s not a bar but it’s the nickname of a street where you will find lots of bars and cafés. Just ask the taxi to take you there, everyone knows where it is.

Kama Sutra

Calama 380 and Juan Leon Mera

A nice, posh bar with a young expat and local well-off crowd. People come here before going elsewhere most of the time. Prices are expensive compared to the rest of the city but the value for money is good.

King’s Cross Bar

Excellent burgers!


Not been there yet

Monique karaoke

Near Papaya Net

An awesome place to go to in Quito to have fun. This karaoke is very local… you probably won’t meet any other foreigners there. They have mostly English and Spanish songs of course, but also some in French and Portuguese. Everybody will mix so you will have a great chance to meet new people.

No Bar

Calama 380 y Juan Leon Mera

One of the best clubs in town. It’s where both locals and foreigners meet to party and dance. It is a little bit less trendy than a couple years ago but still a lot of fun.


Calle Santa Maria and Calle Almagro

Another club with good music. It has a little bit of everything: Dance music, pop songs, and more laidback stuff like reggae.

Papaya Net Café


It's an Internet café but also a excellent place to meet backpackers in Quito. If you are a lone backpacker, I would advise you to go there first.

El Pobre Diablo

Near the corner of F Galaviz

The jazz bar of Quito… you can expect everything from a normal jazz bar: a classy place, with smart people.

La Reina Victoria

Reina Victoria

British bar, with many expats.


Next to Papaya Bar

One of the cheapest bar in Mariscal.


In the basement of El Giron

This bar has the best local music, with salsa and meringue… You better practice before because it goes fast in this club, and you will meet people with extraordinary skills. Lots of sexy girls.


Reina Victoria 1751 y La Pinta

A cuban bar with live music some days of the week… You better check before. The perfect spot to meet girls.

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Quito by Night!

Cost of living in Quito for the Clubber

Before enjoying the nightlife of Quito, you will have to save some money first... This post should help you make an estimate of your budget while being in Ecuador.

1) Accomodation:

I would advise you to stay in Mariscal, which is the main touristic and business hub in Ecuador and in Quito. Other good areas, more quiet, are the colonial town, which is full of life and really beautiful, but doesn't offer as many amenities as in Mariscal. The price for a nice budget room is about 8 to 10$ a night with a small bathroom and the breakfast usually costs less than $2.

If you are staying long-term, you can get a nice appartment for probably less than $250/month. For twice that, you will get something really nice, with a swimming pool and extra services.

2) Food

Food is really cheap in Ecuador, except for all imported items. In this particular case, you will pay 2 to 3 times more than what it costs in your home country. Otherwise, for everything that is grown locally, expect your budget to be around $250 per months, and that means you're eating really well.

3) Transport

Bus is dirt cheap in Quito, you don't even really need to budget it... It's about $0.20 for a ride.. Taxis are also cheap: Expect to pay around $3 for every 20 minutes spent in a cab.

4) Entertainment

Except in 5-stars hotel bars where the bill can end up at staggering heights, the cost of getting drunk is quite cheap in Ecuador, especially if you like rum... A drink will cost you around $2 and a beer a little less. Some bars have an entrance fee if you arrive after midnight and it's usually not more than $5